Alumine River


One of the longest rivers in northern Patagonia.
This river is one of the longest rivers in northern Patagonia. Most of its 80 miles is great water for trout fishing and can be floated. It presents countless fishing opportunities.
The Aluminé is a freestone river that forms out of Aluminé Lake and flows until it joins the Catan-Lil and Chimehuin to become the Collon Cura River. Access to many sections of this stream is limited or very difficult, so you won’t find many people around. Fishing pressure is very low.
In addition to daily floats, we take island camping float trips so you can experience the best of what this great stream offers.
In January and February, the annual inchworm hatch creates spectacular fishing on the Aluminé. Even the large, wily brown trout will get downright stupid during this time of year, allowing you to sight fish for them.

GPS coordinates ( Lat: -39.73420, Lon: -71.14680 )