Collon Cura river

the River

The Collon Cura River runs due east toward the Atlantic ocean through the flat steppes of the eastern side of the Andes mountain range, therefore it is of warmer water conditions, thus the Collon Cura is one of the most populated rivers in our system, it’s banks are lined with willows, rosehip bushes and volcanic rock, providing ideal conditions for the terrestrial insect life which this River is known for.Daily fishing programs on the Collon Cura river consist on floating an average distance of six miles, during which you will experience the most versatile fishing in the area, this includes wading different waters: flat runs and fast water, deep slow pools with high banks and huge back eddies holding rainbows and browns, surface feeding for inch worms, beetles and dry flies.These trips can be a full day or half day program, depending on weather conditions.

You will leave the lodge after breakfast for a full day of fishing, stopping at midday for a picnic lunch, cold meats, tarts, salads and a splash of red wine to get your energy going again for the evening fishing which tends to be very productive.The average catch goes from ten (10) to thirty (30) fish a day and the average size is sixteen (16) inches, trout over twenty two (22) inches are not uncommon.


Long ago, in the days of Cacique Sayhueque, the lands of what is now Estancia Quemquemtreu were part of Pais de las Manzanas (The Land of Apples).
Perito Moreno explored the area during his travels through the mountains, and it became one of the Patagonian frontiers across which sheep and cattle raising expanded.
Trout spawn was introduced a century ago, turning the rivers and lakes in the area into some of the best fly-fishing sites in the world.
Today, Estancia Quemquemtreu is a unique environment where southern country customs and traditional live on in the midst of surroundings protected as a natural reserve.
Guests will enjoy friendly, personalized attention and every comfort during an unforgettable stay in the Patagonian mountains.
Accomodations: The estancia has two confortable lodges, both with five double rooms and full services. One of the lodges has been specially prepared for fly-fishers.
Polo: Horse breeding and training are traditional at Estancia quemquemtreu, which has its own polo field.
Natural produce: Garden-fresh vegetables, home-baked bread, Patagonian lamb and veal…
Bar and showroom: At the main house, guests can meet at the bar to rest, read or talk about their adventures

Collon Cura Lodge

Located about one hour plus from Chapelco Airport and less than 2 hours away from Bariloche Airport , almost in the middle of a high desert, Collon Cura Lodge offers private access to the best sections of this river.
This Lodge offers 4 comfortable double rooms with private bathroom, sharing a small living room and will accommodate a maximum of 8 guests.
During your stay, enjoy their perfect home made style dinners and the most wonderful pic-nics and Argentine red wines.
Satelite TV and internet access (WI FI and an available desktop pc) are part of the service.
Fishing: More than 25 miles of river, plus channels and lagoons, are accessible through the estancia where the lodge is situated.
The access to the fishing areas is really fast and convenient using the paved provincial road and the ranch internal roads.
If you like the dry fly action and light tackle, late December and January can be amazing, if the green “inch worm hatch” is ON.
Usually during February, March and April a big migration of minnows floods the river, while big browns and rainbows follow them in schools, attacking them during the entire day, so if you are looking for a trophy trout, this could be a great time to visit this unique place !


Tres Rios Lodge

This lodge is situated on the confluence of the Collon Cura River with the Chimehuin River, it’s a small cabin, with all the accommodations, and a incredible view.This lodge offers 2 comfortable double bedrooms with private bathrooms.
We use this exclusive lodge with float trips, by ending the first evening at the side of the chimehuin river, and the next day we start floating the confluence and end the day at the lower part of the collon cura river.
This 2 day trip offers two off the best rivers in the area, in which you can combine finest dry fly fishing and streamer fishing looking for big browns and rainbows.