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We are Patagonia Nomads. This is our home, and we have a passion or sharing it.

Our Guides

We are veteran guides who have dedicated our careers to providing exceptional fly fishing experiences in Patagonia.

We are passionate about Patagonia – the rich culture, the warm and inviting people, the inspiring landscapes, and the unbelievable trout fishing.

Our small team of seasoned pros strive to create unforgettable, personalized experiences for our guests.

Diego Oliver


Diego has been guiding in northern Patagonia for 20 years. He knows these waters, and he knows these fish! He will try any fly in the box or any approach to get to a hungry trout. He and his clients hold records on some of the area’s rivers for trophy-size fish, sometimes under unusual circumstances. Ask him about it!

Diego was born at Tipiliuke, one of Patagonia’s most revered lodges, and one that we fish today. Diego says his path to become a guide was destiny! He is also a p.e. teacher, ski instructor, and accomplished mountain bike racer. He is a father of five, and lives happily with his wife in San Martin de Los Andes.

Diego is one of the most easy-going guides around. He is patient, calm and humble. But, don’t let him fool you. When it comes to fishing, he is relentless! You can often see him holding his boat awkwardly in fast water so that his clients are in the best possible position to cast to and catch fish.

Santiago "Sancho" Ramis


Sancho was born in the town of Junin de Los Andes, the “trout capital” of Argentina. He learned to fish with his father at the age of seven. Living in Junin, he honed his fishing and tying skills under the guidance of Argentina’s famous fly fishermen. He started guiding casually at age 16. After studying biology in Bariloche, he decided to pursue a career in guiding. He has been guiding in northern Patagonia for 18 years. He is happily married and resides in Junin de Los Andes.

lucas buxton

Lucas Buxton is a guide with 18 years of experience in northern Patagonia. North to south, east to west, Lucas has searched out and fished every trickle of water in the area. Lucas is a very sociable and responsible type. His British lineage makes him the first one up and ready to go: he is ever the scout! Lucas grew up all over South America, but spent each summer fishing the areas where he guides today. He went to school at Montana State University in Bozeman. Fishing famous rivers like the Madison, Yellowstone, Henry’s Fork and Missouri served as a great training ground for guiding in Patagonia. Lucas is happily married and is the proud father of two young boys.



Justin Spence and his wife Rachel first visited Patagonia in the early 2000’s and  spent 15-plus years living a nomadic lifestyle, following the summer between West Yellowstone, Montana in the northern hemisphere and San Martin De Los Andes, Argentina down south.
Today, Justin is one of only a handful of Americans who are licensed to guide in Argentina. Most of his guiding has been in the Province of Neuquen, but he also has hosted groups throughout Argentina including trips for golden dorado in the northern part of the country, trophy brook trout in the Chubut Province, and sea run brown trout in Tierra Del Fuego.
In 2016, Justin and his partners Joe Moore and Jonathan Heames acquired Bud Lilly’s Trout Shop in Montana and now operate the full service fly shop and outfitting business under the name Big Sky Anglers – Big Sky Anglers is partner operation and the North American booking agent for Patagonia Nomads
Justin continues to guide and host trips in Patagonia for a portion of the year and he is the lead booking agent for all of Patagonia Nomads reservations. Justin oversees all itineraries, and works with our partners on the ground in Argentina to ensure that each Patagonia Nomads trip runs smoothly. 


At Patagonia Nomads we provide our clients with the best and most comfortable equipment.

We drive reliable trucks like the Toyota Hilux and VW Amarok. We float on RO skiff boats. These boats are patented in the United States and built in our area to the same specifications as their cousins in Montana. We operate a Quicksilver Tracker motor boat for lake fishing. Our guides all carry the best equipment, gear and clothing in the business. They are all equipped with brands such as Simms, Orvis, Hatch, Sage, Korkers and Rio, among others. Flies are critical to a successful trip, and they are carefully selected and tied to fish these waters. We are constantly on the lookout for anything that will improve our clients’ odds, but not at the sacrifice of reliable standbys.

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